Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!!!

Wow... time flies and it has been like a year and a month plus since my last post.. goodness.. that's really long... well, I've got no inspiration to write or have no idea whatsoever on what to write as well.. you know.. like writer's block.. :P

so, where have Jo gone missing all these while?? Well, plus minus I would say I've been in Cape Town, South Africa for like half a year.. when I first came here was in January, 2010.. and it is now January, 2011... in actual calculation will be a year already.. but then I did go back here and there so it's not counted... so, what have I been up to in Cape Town?? I'm here for work of course but in the earlier days we will be rushing to visit every single tourist attraction here in Cape Town as much as we can every single weekend.. I can say that we've kinda covered most of it already.. Now it's more on the relaxing activities like going wine tasting and nice food.. :)

I've also tried sand boarding on the world smallest desert.. shark cage diving... watching the great white sharks in a super freezing cold water.. in fact that's the most that I can remember out of that experience.. :P then there was bungee jump.. it really took me quite some time looking at other people doing it before I decided to go for it as well.. it's like one of the world's highest point of jump or something.. 216m if I didn't remember wrongly... I've been to the place where 2 oceans meet.. the Atlantic Ocean and the Indiana Ocean.. loads of wineries.. and many other places.. :)

The next thing that I'm targeting to do will be Skydiving.. and also to visit the nude beach.. :P

Till my next post if it's anytime soon.. :)

Just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! May the new year brings more joy, love, health, wealth, money, all the good stuff... :P and Happy Chinese New Year!!... Ang Pau!! I'm Coming!!!.. :)

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