Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!!!

Wow... time flies and it has been like a year and a month plus since my last post.. goodness.. that's really long... well, I've got no inspiration to write or have no idea whatsoever on what to write as well.. you know.. like writer's block.. :P

so, where have Jo gone missing all these while?? Well, plus minus I would say I've been in Cape Town, South Africa for like half a year.. when I first came here was in January, 2010.. and it is now January, 2011... in actual calculation will be a year already.. but then I did go back here and there so it's not counted... so, what have I been up to in Cape Town?? I'm here for work of course but in the earlier days we will be rushing to visit every single tourist attraction here in Cape Town as much as we can every single weekend.. I can say that we've kinda covered most of it already.. Now it's more on the relaxing activities like going wine tasting and nice food.. :)

I've also tried sand boarding on the world smallest desert.. shark cage diving... watching the great white sharks in a super freezing cold water.. in fact that's the most that I can remember out of that experience.. :P then there was bungee jump.. it really took me quite some time looking at other people doing it before I decided to go for it as well.. it's like one of the world's highest point of jump or something.. 216m if I didn't remember wrongly... I've been to the place where 2 oceans meet.. the Atlantic Ocean and the Indiana Ocean.. loads of wineries.. and many other places.. :)

The next thing that I'm targeting to do will be Skydiving.. and also to visit the nude beach.. :P

Till my next post if it's anytime soon.. :)

Just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! May the new year brings more joy, love, health, wealth, money, all the good stuff... :P and Happy Chinese New Year!!... Ang Pau!! I'm Coming!!!.. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Wonder if anyone actually still checks my blog since it's kinda dead for a few months already.. Help needed here.. My company is holding an annual dinner soon.. They are having some kinda contest going around to hype up the event.. It's called Guess the Guest... and it's really killing me that I have 1 picture left I couldn't figure out...

Anyone got any idea who this is??

Monday, June 29, 2009

To be or not to be...

To be someone with straight luscious hair but no money in the pocket?? or to be someone with scruffy just got out of bed hair but with money in the pocket??

It's either inflation has gone up really bad or something but even with half the price discount I am still paying for double the amount that I used to pay probably a year ago... or maybe it's written all over my face that I have lots of money.. charge me anything you like.. I can never intro the place to people as "cheap" anymore...

With what little hair I have... and with such length... it's only about 80 to probably 120 bucks... Anyway, just feeling a little bitter about it.. Bottom line is.. the morale of the story is... do not trust anyone who tries to be too friendly... always ask for the price before agreeing to a transaction... Anyway, call me a cheapskate but I don't think I will return...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Love N Marriage...

28 now... yes.. that's my age.. I know it's a sensitive issue when you ask a lady what's her age.. Well, this is not the case for me YET.... I guess.. probably cos it still starts with a 2.. At this age.. it just seems like many people around me are getting married.. friends, relatives, colleagues, friend's friend and even my sister is getting married by the end of this year... geez... should I be feeling old or what?? And that's when you're being questioned when is your turn?? ish.. god knows...

But what I wanna say here is that how does one know when is the right time to get married?? Or how do you identify if that is the person that you'd want to spend the rest of your life with?? I've always thought that the most ideal age I wanna get married will be at the age of 27 then 2 years of honeymoon with my hubby and then plan for the babies... but I've passed that mark... what happens now?? Do I need to start worrying?? I have not found my prince charming?? Is there really such a thing as soul mates?? Or is that person already right beside me and I should not look any further??

I mean how does one know?? I'll know and have the feeling of wanting to get married when the right man comes along?? But how do you identify Mr. or Miss Right?? Is there a feeling like YES... this is the women that I wanna marry, care for her and spend the rest of my life with!!.. or YES.. this is the man that I want to have babies and build a home with!! I am curious when does a man know when or how does a man feel when he wants to propose to his other half?? Will you feel a surge of happiness, etc??and what if I never find this person?? or there isn't any Mr. or Miss Right... I have to actually mould that someone in my life to become one.. or is it merely just based on responsibility... like you know you've both been together for quite some time and the next right step will just be to get married... or you just simply find someone that you're a little fond of and has all the good husband or wife criteria and expect that love will eventually grow??

Or maybe the entire love and marriage thing is not such a complicated matter?? not so much questions should be asked.. just as long as that someone is able to give you happiness and make you feel that you're loved is more than enough for you to say YES!! I DO!!...

Well... my wishes to all the newly weds or soon to be... Happily Ever After...

I hope no one is harmed from my curiosity...

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Wretch Blog..

My Wretch Blog is missing... :( I know I have not been maintaining my blogs... but nonetheless... it is depressing that all your memories that you have pen down for so long are all gone... dunno how to get them back.. boohooohooohooo... :(

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Night is Smiling At You...

Well.. I haven't been bloggin for many months.. yes yes.. jo is lazy... :P anyway.. something cute and unusual here to show you guys...

On the nite of 1st December, 2008.... :) Reporting from Bangkok, Thailand.. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Never Comb Hair Days Gone!!!

Finally the days of people complaining that I didn't comb my hair eventhough I did are gone.. I did rebonding recently.. in case some people out there who doesn't know what that is.. it's actually a form of hair straightening.. am happy with the result as always for the last few sessions.. Just wanna take some time to give credits to the product that I am very satisfied with...

When someone mention the brand Shiseido.. the first thing that comes to mind is cosmetic.. well, that's what they are famous for anyway.. I didn't know that they carry hair products as well until I came across their straightening solution.. and I am pretty impressed that it's really pretty good.. I mean I've rebonded my hair a few times in my life.. well, it's not like I'm very old or what ler.. but the least also bout 5 to 6 times.. I've tried to use some famous brands like LxxxxL before or other dunno what brand product.. they will all look good right after I finish the treatment and it will continue to look good for the next 3 days cos guess what.. we are not supposed to wash our hair for 3 days.. (gosh.. the thing people do to wanna look better).. but it will be back to my normal freezy hair after wash.. straight though.. that's bout it...

but with this Shiseido Crystallizing Straightener.. I can really feel the difference... result.. silky smooth straight hair... but can get pretty flat though since I have very fine and little hair.. mind you.. I am not a Shiseido product salesgirl or anything.. but I am just a happy customer..
unfortunately not many salons carry this brand of hair straightener.. only probably some super expensive salons.. and that is definitely a no-no for me la.. "boh lui" la.. cannot afford to spend like RM500 or so on my head la..

then I was lucky to be introduced to this shop in SS2 by my cousin.. someone introed to her as well.. that shop is only about 3 months old and it is already pretty well-known for it's hair colouring, rebonding, perming and stuff.. and the pricing is really really reasonable.. when I mean reasonable it means cheap... really pretty cheap considering the products that she uses... happy that she uses my fav Shiseido Crystallizing Straightener.. and for other products she only uses the brand Schwarzkopf.. I really think it's really worthy of my money lu... but then again.. whoever interested to go have their hair done there would have to call her up for an appointment before heading there... because she is running the biz alone.. and she is actually pregnant at the moment.. the thing is, she don't really trust anyone else to handle her customers' hair at the moment.. so, would rather hands on herself.. so, if you didn't make an appointment before showing up, she might not have the time to attend to your hair.. so, if anyone is interested, here is her address and telephone number :-

Kelly - +6 012-989 7992
East West Hair Academy Sdn Bhd
No.22-M Floor, Jalan SS2/61,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
(same row as McDs and right beside Golden Bowl, SS2).

haha... free advertising for her.. maybe I should ask for some freebies the next time I'm there.. hahaha.. no la... I think she is not really earning that much from her services ler.. so, nvm ler.. help her a bit with some free advertising ler.. so, for those of you who don't already have a regular hairstylist.. you can always opt to try this place out.. can give my name to her ler.. say I intro one ler.. who knows.. maybe she will really wanna give me some freebies.. hahaha... then I share share with you all ler..